PARALLEL INSTABILITY | SXtheMadArtist’s Debut EP | Out Now! | Synergetic Records w / Pale Hazy Daze [Gift Download]


Release Date 2012-06-08
Label Synergetic Records
Catalog # SYNCD142

My friend Stalo from Cyprus aka “SXtheMadArtist” shows up with her debut EP “Parallel Instability” featuring 5 unreleased ambient-derived sound creations and melanges. She crafted an amazing release with a pure sense of trippy elements and enormous feeling for music structures to build new sonic worlds.

Available on Beatport  and Amazon, Juno, psyshop, iTunes etc

“A Sonic Gift for ALL people they love, like and support my music_art throughout these years” Free Download

“Pale Hazy Daze” – SXtheMadArtist 21 min Live Session ♬

Tracks :
1. Bosom Alleviation
2. Undergo Animo
3. Endure Semblance

All tracks Produced, Mixed & Recorded for the purpose of this Live session in Orion Synapse Software at SXtheMadArtist Music Studio 2012.



Donatella Finocchiaro con il compagno in visita a Pozzillo (CT) sul set di Mura.

Donatella Finocchiaro, con il compagno a Pozzillo (CT) sul set di “Mura”, ha salutato i suoi amici Lisa Castagna, continuity supervisor, e Franz Cantalupo, protagonista di “Mura”. Dopo essersi complimentata per il progetto ha augurato buon lavoro al regista e a tutta la troupe.

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Kagemusha (The Shadow Warrior) trailer | Dir. Akira Kurosawa

In his late color masterpiece “Kagemusha (The Shadow Warrior),” director Akira Kurosawa returned to the samurai film and to a primary theme of his celebrated career-the play between illusion and reality. Sumptuously reconstructing the splendor of feudal Japan and the pageantry of war, Kurosawa creates a soaring historical epic that is also a somber meditation on the nature of power. Criterion is proud to present Kagemusha for the first time in its full-length, three-hour original version.

A Guide to Feature Film Opening Credits | Peter Bohush |

By Peter Bohush

With a hundred years of moviemaking history, there must be a “standard” way of listing people in the opening credits, right? Wrong. Except for the contractual or union-mandated billing, the rest of the opening credits have no rules.

Many great movies had no opening credits, such as The Godfather and Apocalypse Now. Citizen Kane opens with only the title of the movie, saving all the credits for the end.

Most movies in the 1930s through 1950s listed lots of cast and crew in the opening credits, often in a sort of Playbill format as if the movie was a filmed stage play. Today, high-powered talent demand specific types of onscreen billing in their contracts.

Although it’s common today for blockbuster movies to open with just the title and no other front credits, it is reported that George Lucas was fined $250,000 by the Directors Guild of America for not putting the director’s name (his) in the opening credits.

Independent, non-union movies aren’t bound by union rules for opening credits, so anything goes. However, over the past two decades an order of listing cast and crew has become widely accepted by Hollywood studio and independent productions.

When the lights dim and the movie begins, the opening credits will be presented in the following manner:


This is the distributor. It may be a studio or independent distribution company. It may or may not have financed the making of the movie. But it is the company that sold the movie into theaters, television, DVD, etc. Sometimes it is listed in the same text as the rest of the credits. Or it could be a logo or even a standalone clip, such as the MGM lion roaring.


Usually a movie is produced under a business entity that finances motion pictures. It may be an independent company, a studio or a subsidiary. The director or producer’s personal production company may also have acquired the source material, such as a book or play, upon which the movie is based, and could get a production company credit here as well.

Full Article: A Guide to Feature Film Opening Credits |

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