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In the Grey Zone trailer グレー・ゾーンの中 | Dir. Ian Thomas Ash

STORY: The children of Minamisoma City, Japan are living amid high levels of radiation and toxic rain after the meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear power plant following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.… Continue reading

Treasure Hunting

click image for a more detailed view Nikon D100, Nikon 18-70mm 70mm F5 at 1/800s Massachusetts has an area of its land that juts out into the sea like a curled arm. It’s… Continue reading

Taro (Live on KEXP) | Alt-J

“Taro” Indochina, Capa jumps Jeep, two feet creep up the road To photo, to record meat lumps and war They advance as does his chance, very yellow white flash A violent wrench grips… Continue reading

Artist or Technician? Are you creating art, or just buying the tools? | Ken Rockwell |

Ryan and Katie’s stash, January 2013. (Photo: iPhone 5.) This free website’s biggest source of support is when you use any of these links when you get anything, regardless of the country in… Continue reading

Additional test images | Canon S100

click images for a more detailed view Note: I haven’t processed any of these images so please take that into account when viewing. They all need polishing. My somewhat finished work resides under… Continue reading

Life is a Beach Maybe | Chatham, Massachusetts | Canon S100

click images for a more detailed view As much as I like to plan, on occasion when I’m scouting, I just happen to see an image I want and I know I’ll never… Continue reading

Nauset Beach | Orleans, Massachusetts | Droid 3

Like many, I love the beach. I’m drawn to it and many of my photos contain it’s beauty. What caught my eye here was the pattern of the fence and shadow with the… Continue reading

Special Topics in Cinematic Storytelling | Media Arts and Sciences | MIT OpenCourseWare

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has created a wonderful opportunity for all with the web-based publication of virtually all it’s course content. I heard about OCW a while back but I am still… Continue reading