Monthly Archive: February, 2013

Nor’easter | Here comes the calvary…. YAYYYYYY | Day 3

As day 3 arrives, no sign of the snow plow. There’s 4 feet of snow still in the street. It’s a Sunday. I’m sure the phone lines to City Hall were burning up.… Continue reading

Nor’easter | the rude awakening…. Day 2

It had been snowing all night but all things must pass, even nor’easters. These storms remind all of us living here of the awesome power of nature. One gains  respect quickly as well… Continue reading

Nor’easter | And so it begins…. Day 1 / updated

A nor’easter is a cyclonic storm that moves along the east coast of North America. It’s called “nor’easter” because the winds over coastal areas blow from a northeasterly direction. More about nor’easters It’s… Continue reading