Nor’easter | the rude awakening…. Day 2

It had been snowing all night but all things must pass, even nor’easters. These storms remind all of us living here of the awesome power of nature. One gains  respect quickly as well as the knowledge to coexist peacefully. I love the wind. And I’m very happy to be in a nice warm house when it’s blowing like the devil outside. 

My neighbors and I spent day 2 digging out. We all know each other, some of us better than others but I wouldn’t say we were all very close. But when a blizzard hits our neighborhood, everyone pitches in and helps each other. I’m very happy about that.

Anyway, no sign of the snow plow. The City of Boston has forgotten our street. ;-) And noone is going anywhere. Some of my neighbors are hopping mad with the Mayor and I believe they told him so. It’s probably for the best because it was a snow emergency. I’m sure this was also a way of keeping people off the roads while they were plowed.

But if there was a real emergency on the street, a fire or someone with a medical issue, there would have been no way for help to reach them.That won’t do. lb

All of these images were taken with the Fuji XPro-1. As I said, it produces a cooler tone but I’m sure that can be adjusted to taste.

click on the images for a more detailed view


09:00:57AM Fuji XPro-1 18mm f5.6 1/210s

My back yard under about 4 feet of snow. That tree always falls like that and I always clear it off and get it back up. I tried tying it together with rope but no go.

15:49:49PM Fuji XPro-1 18mm f7.1 1/400s

15:49:55PM Fuji XPro-1 18mm f6.4 1/420s

15:49:57PM Fuji XPro-1 18mm f7.1 1/400s

15:50:06PM Fuji XPro-1 18mm f7.1 1/350s

Time to rest until tomorrow. Maybe the plow will come then. ;-)

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