The search for real black | Kodak TMax 100 vs. Ilford Pan FPlus 50 | L Brady

I was trying to think of something more to say on this but I’ve got nothing! I want real black not muddy brown.
Obviously I’m interested in B/W film. Sometimes I think I would throw all my camera gear away for the simplicity of one very good film camera. Maybe I will. ;-)

These shots were taken with a Nikon F5 and Nikon 24mm lens. I used a 056 Orange Nikon filter on the Ilford Pan and nothing with the Kodak.
They were both developed and enhanced digital scans produced.

SandyNeck_Ilford_LBradyVFSandy Neck, Barnstable MA. (Ilford Pan)


4 thoughts on “The search for real black | Kodak TMax 100 vs. Ilford Pan FPlus 50 | L Brady

  1. Pan F works good with a filter, looks rather ugly without one. TMX is my least favorite film. You should try some Tri X and develop it in Xtol also, that’d be my favorite.
    However, what do you mean by looking for real black?


    1. Hi Derek,
      Thanks for the info!
      Yes, Pan F seems to be more of what I am looking for. It was shot with a filter for this test and I think it looks pretty good. I have tried Tri-X as well. I like it as well. I haven’t developed film for a while but that may be something worth revisiting. I’ve been sending my film out to develop and then scan. The enhanced scanning process probably also contributes to overall exposure / contrast curve. I think what I mean by real black is the black I see in the shadow of the dunes on the beach.
      Thanks again for your suggestions.


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