Wander, Wonder, Wilderness at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston at 7pm on Saturday 9/20, with a matinee on Sunday 9/21 at 3pm



Wander, Wonder, Wilderness


Interactive documentary project Wander, Wonder, Wilderness explores the relationships between humans, community, and nature—and the ways that green spaces serve as an antidote to our de-natured lives. Participants are invited to visit Boston’s natural spaces, create content including text, images, and sound, and share it with future visitors via an interactive website and app. Project director and artist Paul Turano will kick off the project at the ICA with a documentary screening. For more details and how to participate,

visit wanderurbanwilds.com.


Dear Friends and Supporters

I want to remind you about the premiere screening of Wander, Wonder, Wilderness at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston at 7pm on Saturday 9/20, with a matinee on Sunday 9/21 at 3pm.

I hope to see you there!

Please visit the ICA website for more info and to purchase tickets and RSVP on our Facebook page. Please note that tickets at the door are $8 students and $12 general public.

Check out press on WWW in the Boston GlobeIMAGINEi-DocsStoryCode!

Like us on Facebook
Follow us on Twitter @wanderwilds
and share photos and captions on Instagram: #wanderurbanwilds

And please consider supporting us financially…details of our forthcoming Kickstarter campaign will be announced soon!

Both ICA presentations will include an overview of these interactive features and the project’s community engagement and educational initiatives, along with a Q+A with the audience. Attendees will have a unique opportunity to sign up to be the first users of the beta version of the mobile app!


Contact PaulTurano@gmail.com for more information.

Please help spread the word!


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