4 thoughts on “A Winter’s Lament

  1. Hi Leo,
    This video is very special for me with its laps technique. With it and its music you turn a very calm place into an exciting clip.
    The changes of light and darkness , motion or the lack of it are fasinating,. But above all, the moving shadows are an eye-catcher! Hoping you’re fine. Cheerio, Petra


  2. Thanks Petra ;-) – I’ve always tried to create things I do, for the most part, without words. I try to evoke feelings and thought from sound and image. Like you say, it’s a working together of the two that’s makes it interesting or not. Trying to find a time lapse subject is a challenge. I love clouds moving quickly through the sky but that can only be a small piece of your film.
    In this case, it was kind of funny, with me and my neighbors shoveling snow. I filmed it over a couple of days so leaving the camera running undisturbed was difficult. I created the music afterwards. It’s a kind of mechanical loop that I felt fit.
    In the end, I can’t say it was all planned but it came together enough to show it. I get a lot of inspiration for the things I do from German Expressionist and Italian Realist cinema era.
    I’m hanging in there. The real world has taken up far too much valuable thinking time lately. ;-)
    I’m thinking about what I want to accomplish art – wise in the near future.
    I hope you’re well! too!
    take care


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