Photograpsy | 4 new tracks “out now” from SXtheMadArtist


My friend, SXtheMadArtist has just released a new 4 track EP – Photograpsy
It’s an excellent example of her signature sound. She is a very talented artist and musician.
Check out her work at the links below and support her if you enjoy it as much as I do.

SX also hosts a weekly show “Electronic Soundscapes” on – Mondays at 20:00-22:00 gmt+3


1.Blind Senses 08:17
2.Danzing Dawn 11:27
3.Forest of Lunix 08:19
4.Exorbitant 05:53


released 05 September 2014
Music and artwork by SXtheMadArtist.
Mastering by Astropilot.

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