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This is a republish of a post from a few years back but you might enjoy it. Montreal is a wonderful place to visit. I prefer the spring or summer but you hardy folks ….

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Recently I traveled from Boston to Montreal for a few days. It’s about a five hour drive by car. I’ve been there a few times now and I’ve always enjoyed myself. The people are friendly, the food is great and there’s much to do.  It reminds me of Paris but smaller and a bit more modern. I’m not an expert on either place though.

It was raining over much of the trip, which is very unusual but I still managed to get some lovely images. I also learned something very valuable concerning picture taking in the rain. Unless you have a pro water-sealed camera that you wish to lug around in the rain, carry a small quality camera that you can stick in a coat pocket.

All these images have been minimally processed and all sized down. lb
Bonjour Montreal!

Some views of downtown


IMG_0061_LBradyFrom the Hotel

IMG_0067_LBradyOne of the many beautiful little parks downtown


IMG_0075_LBradyMany modern but elegant buildings

A dog show at the Quartier Des Spectacles




Place des Arts



Old Montreal







A view of Chinatown


A view of McGill University


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He’s ok, we just can’t find him… | Missing 411 | David Paulides | redux

Commentary: For quite some time now, strange disappearances have been occurring within the National Parks of these United States and throughout the world. People, including small children, are becoming lost or are being abducted, some returned alive, some dead and many never returned. Where do these missing go?

Whatever the final outcome of these investigations be, it’s clear that the National Park System needs to create and maintain a centralized registry or database of persons who have gone missing in our national parks and forests or on Bureau of Land Management lands.

To find out more about the issue.
To listen to the author regarding this issue.

Exposure Bracketing

Exposure bracketing is a simple technique professional photographers use to ensure they properly expose their pictures, especially in challenging lighting situations. When you expose for a scene, your camera’s light meter will select an aperture / shutter speed combination that it believes will give a properly exposed picture. Exposure bracketing means that you take two more pictures: one slightly under-exposed (usually by dialing in a negative exposure compensation, say -1/3EV), and the second one slightly over-exposed (usually by dialing in a positive exposure compensation, say +1/3EV), again according to your camera’s light meter.

For my tests, I chose a familiar subject, Mother Brook and added some shots of the dam at Stone Mill.

I chose an auto exposure bracketing setting of 2/3, which produces an image of normal(0)EV, +2/3(+.7)EV and -2/3(-.7) EV. All these images are jpgs and have been shot large. I also shoot raw.  I’m looking for a certain balance of grays and a deeper black from my black and white images.  lb

Note: One thing that I never really thought about, with respect to auto exposure bracketing is how the images are shot by the camera (i.e. were three separates images with three different exposure settings produced or did the camera use the same image and somehow produce different exposure settings with the data from the one image, three times?). The camera produces three separate images which are three different moments in time. The image differences are indistinguishable in a static scene but not in a scene with movement. You can see this with the snowflakes in the second series of shots.

Example #1

It was a clear, sunny day. This set of three images below is a good example of what you can expect in good light from the Xpro1 when bracketing is set as mentioned above.

2013_0320ADFuji XPro1 18mm(27mm equiv.) f/13 @ 1/420s 0EV

2013_0320AEFuji XPro1 18mm(27mm equiv.) f/10 @ 1/420s +0.7EV

2013_0320AFFuji XPro1 18mm(27mm equiv.) f/16 @ 1/420s -0.7EV

Example #2

It was a gray, snowy day for this set of three images.

2013_0307BKFuji XPro1 18mm(27mm equiv.) 0EV

2013_0307BLFuji XPro1 18mm(27mm equiv.) +.7EV

2013_0307BMFuji XPro1 18mm(27mm equiv.) -.7EV

More images to come from the mill complex and dam.


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