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George Blamey-Steeden


It was pretty cold Sunday morning. I drove over to the town of Deal to take a long walk around the place and reflect on the last few days. If I’d left it another half hour I’d of got soaked. The main thing was that the sea could see I was struggling for reasons – well that’s what I like to think – so it tried to help me out. The sea and me get on well. I took a few shots along the way.

deal2 (2)

The sea can keep its secrets
The sea can improvise
The sea lives for its reflections
A mirror in disguise

deal7 (2)

The sea is a guitarist
Plays the lute and the piano
And if you’re lucky come the new tide
Puts on a drumroll just for show

deal6 (2)

I’ll take you to the water’s edge
The sea won’t judge you or complain
The sea won’t ask you…

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