The Most Powerful Word and Initiating Change…

Just a quick note:

There’s been a lot of “ringing of hands” and “gnashing of teeth” recently regarding censorship, especially Big Tech censorship on the Internet. (By the way it’s called the interNET and the world wide WEB for a reason. ;-) ) Who do you think created it? And for what reasons?

In the past, I worked as a software engineer. Big Tech are just Big Corporations. There’s no magical, mystery. They work on the simple, age old principal, “No Mon, No Fun.And with the right action, they go out of business just like the little businesses all over the world are today.

Though I don’t always like what I see and read, I’m not an advocate of any kind of censorship except in extreme cases of violence, etc. Without thought, critique of thought and derivative of thought, we, as people, regress. When we were little, our parents simply said, “Sticks and stones will break your bones but names will never hurt you” or “If you don’t like what you’re hearing, change the channel.” But we’re certainly in a different mindset, these days. We have a little “cultural revolution” starting and if not abated …there could be further unpleasantness.;-)

Many people I speak with today say they feel helpless or ineffectual. Why wouldn’t you, if you support your oppressors? There’s no need but you must organize somehow with like-minded individuals to affect the change you want. Though it may be a bit more difficult at this time, “where there’s a will, there’s a way!”

All you need to begin is the most powerful word and a plan for organizing a boycott. Here’s some beginning information. Be patient with it.

more infoOrganizing a Boycott and other fun tools.

For me, I liked life before the Internet. I’m going to unplug soon and head back there. You’re all welcome to join me.

Chin up !

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