Hold the line! | Fuel Hope (Zündstoff Hoffnung) Project

Hi All
I hope you’re well!

This is my second submission to the” Fuel Hope (Zündstoff Hoffnung)” Project. By the way, you can find out more and enter your own submissions here. I see a lot of beautiful, hopeful, work out there. Don’t be shy. The more hope, the better.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the word, “hope” lately, thanks to Petra ;-) I’m finding I have mixed feelings about the word but I will write more on that in my next submission.

I’m a hopeful person by nature but ooohhh, I’ve had my dark days. And at present, we are in some, dark, days. But we can’t let that darkness bring us to despair. We must hold on and lift up those that are stumbling, knowing better days are ahead.

Music – creating, playing and listening has always been a great source of hope for me and I’m sure for most of you. It can take you out of yourself and focus your spirit on the positive. Find those pieces of music that work for you and fuel your hope.

Be strong; Be brave; Honor your ancestors.
Hold the line !

take care

6 thoughts on “Hold the line! | Fuel Hope (Zündstoff Hoffnung) Project

  1. Yes, it’s personal experience that counts and is so individual that we can learn from each other.
    Most of us , however, know and feel the power of music, and that it can give hope to us. Thanks for the music you have chosen!
    For me it’s your 3rd post for the project. So thank you for your great job! Take care, Petra

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  2. Find those pieces of music that work for you and fuel your hope.

    For me it is besides other music Carl Craigs “A wonderful life”!.
    “Hold the line” is beautiful, thank you for that
    In these days I think a lot about people who were part of my life and now are gone, sometimes long ago.


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