Let’s go for another ride! | The Quiet Corner, CT | Part 2

Just a couple of filming and technical notes for those of you that may be interested:

I filmed both parts 1 and 2 with a Sony FDR-X3000 4K Action Cam. For a little camera it produces some amazing video results. The major challenge filming on a motorcycle “live” is trying to get good sound. The wind makes that nearly impossible. C’est la vie – We use what we have – we want real, right? ;-)

In Part 1, I mounted the camera and a little external mic behind a windshield on a rigid camera mount. It’s ok but a bit too static… The wide angle lens gives the illusion of space but …. The sound was a bit tinny for my taste. The mic was mounted up near the engine not near the pipes.

In Part 2, the camera was mounted on the right (me facing forward) side of my helmet. The mic was taped to the back of my helmet. This variation is a lot more dynamic. The driver’s heads acts like a tripod head panning left and right down the road. It’s much more interesting.

anyway – let’s go for another ride ! lol

We’re only here to make you – “Go” | Chemical Brothers and Michel Gondry

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I love this video and tune. The dance routine and the surroundings remind me of the German Expressionist movies of the 1920s but you’ll be surprised to learn that it was filmed in Paris. For more info on that see the link below.

Gondry and the Chemical Brothers do a great job on this 2015 upbeat dance tune.


French filmmaker Michel Gondry shot the 2015 Chemical Brothers’ music video in Paris brutalist architecture, just a stone’s throw away from the Eiffel tower… and a Statue of Liberty.
article continues: https://www.archipanic.com/chemical-brothers-go/

The Chemical Brothers – Go (Behind the Scenes)