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Photography – entry deadline – 5th of October

IMPREINT is organising an artist collective (photography), deadline 5th of October, 1 photo each participant. Main event 15th of October in London.
If you find it interesting and would like to participate, just send IMPREINT the picture that you choose to represent you in the video collective (see link below) to info@impreint.com and also upload it using the facebook link in the comments, like the other participants.

Link Event
Link Facebook
Video precedent collective in case you would like to have a look
Kind regards, IMPREINT

exHibition | artist collective

Polar frame | Dmitry Kokh

When Kokh’s boat approached the small island of Kolyuchin in the Russian High Arctic, which had been abandoned by humans since 1992, he was surprised to spot movement in one of the houses. Binoculars revealed polar bears – more than 20 in total – exploring the ghost town. Dmitry used a low-noise drone to document them.
https://www.dmitrykokh.com/Photograph: Dmitry Kokh/Wildlife photographer of the year