we’re not in Kansas anymore… | Colorado Mountains

Update: voilà – the miracles of Photoshop…

This image is for Tom, Kathleen and Trinity, who love the Colorado mountains. These are some real mountains, none of these hills we have on the East Coast. ;-)

Note: Sorry about the smudges in the sky. We shot the image with an IPad through the van window while moving. If your traveling don’t forget to set aside time to stop, take some beautiful images and smell the roses. lb

winter winds on | Eastford, CT | Split-Toning

Ken Rockwell’s website has an immense amount of information available, if you are interested in photography.

I split-toned this black and white image below using this process. Split Toning Digital Split-Toning in Photoshop | Ken Rockwell

Pretty cool! ;-)

Hope you’re all well! lb