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One dark and stormy night !

Hi All Hope you are all well ! This image is just part of some low light testing I was performing with the Canon I own. I shot this at around midnight when… Continue reading

Did someone build the Moon?

click on the image for a better view…    Hope you’re all well! I always been fascinated by the moon. If you perform just minor research of the moon, you’ll find many verified… Continue reading

Late Night – Thurles, Tipperary, Ireland

      All rights reserved © 2018 Leo F. Brady

Montreal, Quebec CA. | Your beauty speaks for itself | redux

Hi All This is a republish of a post from a few years back but you might enjoy it. Montreal is a wonderful place to visit. I prefer the spring or summer but… Continue reading

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Peace to you all! My backyard after a blizzard. Grab a snow shovel and give me a hand. lol     All rights reserved © 2018 Leo F.… Continue reading

A field in County Laois, Ireland

Hi All Hope you are all well! This is the view from a churchyard in County Laois, Ireland. There is a sensation of great history here.  I’ll post more of the set in… Continue reading


    All rights reserved © 2018 Leo F. Brady

Exposure Bracketing

Exposure bracketing is a simple technique professional photographers use to ensure they properly expose their pictures, especially in challenging lighting situations. When you expose for a scene, your camera’s light meter will select… Continue reading

Three Point Lighting

Below is a short, introductory tutorial for the documentarian / filmmaker / photographer on three point lighting. Lighting a subject, is often an after thought by many inexperienced media makers but it is… Continue reading

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