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Paines Creek Beach, Brewster, MA.

Paines Creek Beach, Brewster, MA.     All rights reserved © 2018 Leo F. Brady

A dock in Dennis, MA.

      All rights reserved © 2018 Leo F. Brady

Mr. Mantis came by to say Hi…

Hey All The other day, just after I woke up, Mr Mantis came by. I’m not sure how many times I’ve seen a Praying Mantis, up close, in my life but it’s not… Continue reading

Christian A Herter Intercommunity Garden along the Charles River in Allston-Brighton, MA

Hi All Hope you’re well! Here are some pics of an organic community garden on the Charles River that’s been operating since 1976. I hope you find them and it interesting. take care… Continue reading

Is that a teepee (tipi) I see in your front yard?

Hi All I hope you’re all well! I was walking around my Boston neighborhood recently and look what I found. Impressive.     Here is more info about teepees: All rights reserved ©… Continue reading

Digging for Dinner – Clamming in Chatham Harbor, MA.

When I was a teen, I attended a summer photography class run by the city of Boston with my brother and friends. I believe we were given Polaroid cameras and black and white… Continue reading

Waiting for the Tide

Hi All Hope you’re all well! Sometimes, it seems, at least for me, that I have to give up that control, (I think I have ;-) ) and just wait for the tide… Continue reading

Down by the tracks

Hi All Hope you’re well! I’ve always wondered why we, as photographers, artists, etc are attracted to certain places and topics. I’m strongly attracted to photographing and filming beaches, water places and the… Continue reading

Spring has sprung!

I hope you’re all well! Wasn’t I just wishing for Summer. Well we’ve got it, 87 degrees F here today.   All rights reserved © 2018 Leo F. Brady

Dreaming of Summer

I hope you’re all well! It’s been a long, cold, brutal, winter here in the Northeast of these United States but signs of Spring are emerging and Summer is just around the corner.… Continue reading