Did someone build the Moon?

click on the image for a better view…    Hope you’re all well! I always been fascinated by the moon. If you perform just minor research of the moon, you’ll find many verified… Continue reading

Late Night – Thurles, Tipperary, Ireland

      All rights reserved © 2018 Leo F. Brady

Montreal, Quebec CA. | Your beauty speaks for itself | redux

Hi All This is a republish of a post from a few years back but you might enjoy it. Montreal is a wonderful place to visit. I prefer the spring or summer but… Continue reading

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Peace to you all! My backyard after a blizzard. Grab a snow shovel and give me a hand. lol     All rights reserved © 2018 Leo F.… Continue reading

A field in County Laois, Ireland

Hi All Hope you are all well! This is the view from a churchyard in County Laois, Ireland. There is a sensation of great history here.  I’ll post more of the set in… Continue reading


    All rights reserved © 2018 Leo F. Brady

He’s ok, we just can’t find him… | Missing 411 | David Paulides | redux

Commentary: For quite some time now, strange disappearances have been occurring within the National Parks of these United States and throughout the world. People, including small children, are becoming lost or are being… Continue reading

Exposure Bracketing

Exposure bracketing is a simple technique professional photographers use to ensure they properly expose their pictures, especially in challenging lighting situations. When you expose for a scene, your camera’s light meter will select… Continue reading

Three Point Lighting

Below is a short, introductory tutorial for the documentarian / filmmaker / photographer on three point lighting. Lighting a subject, is often an after thought by many inexperienced media makers but it is… Continue reading

There’s always something to be thankful for ! / Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pi – redux

Over Thanksgiving, my wife planned to bake a pumpkin pie and look what she got. It could be a pagoda or a portal dolmen but I think it’s a Pumpkin PI. ;-)