The Art of Craft / Doll-Making with Maura Fitzpatrick |

The Art of Craft Maura Fitzpatrick creates beautifully, hand crafted art with thread, yarn and textile. She’s recently been published in a number of craft and doll-making magazines. Like many of the arts,… Continue reading

He’s ok, we just can’t find him…

Support this project on… Commentary: For quite some time now, strange disappearances have been occurring within the National Parks of these United States and throughout the world. People, including small children, are… Continue reading

Photograpsy | 4 new tracks “out now” from SXtheMadArtist

My friend, SXtheMadArtist has just released a new 4 track EP – Photograpsy It’s an excellent example of her signature sound. She is a very talented artist and musician. Check out her work… Continue reading

A Winter’s Lament

A Winter’s Lament This is a short time-lapse video, filmed over a 4 day period in 1080/30. Running Time: 2:21 Sound and Vision: Leo Brady realreality productions –

Instant Astrology | L Brady

I’ve been very busy of late but I found a picture I took in Harvard Square, at the end of the 70s. At the time I was using a Canon F1, I believe.… Continue reading

Wander, Wonder, Wilderness at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston at 7pm on Saturday 9/20, with a matinee on Sunday 9/21 at 3pm

FILM Wander, Wonder, Wilderness   Interactive documentary project Wander, Wonder, Wilderness explores the relationships between humans, community, and nature—and the ways that green spaces serve as an antidote to our de-natured lives. Participants are invited to visit… Continue reading

Malmö, Sweden | Seosamh Macgiollaphádraig

Across the Oresund from Copenhagen lies Malmö  which is Sweden’s third largest city by population after Stockholm and Gothenburg. It is a charming old city that has been economically and culturally rejuvenated by… Continue reading

The State of the Art, Corrosive Counter-Culture & Attack on Beauty | Gavan Kearney | Red Ice Radio

Any excellent interview about the current state of Art. ( Is that what it is? ) And who might be behind it. Well worth a listen… LB Gavan Kearney is a musician, artist… Continue reading

Wander Wonder Wilderness Project | Boston MA USA

About The human experience of nature through urban wilds is multifaceted, as it can involve not just our appreciation of plants, trees, animals, birds, and phenomena of light and weather, but the more… Continue reading

MNÁ DÍBEARTHA / BANISHED WOMEN TRAILER | Dir. Barrie Dowdall | Writ. Siobhan Lynam

Find out more about Barrie and Siobhan –