The Fourth Privilege – Stone Mill at Mother Brook, Dedham, MA.

The Fourth Privilege – Stone Mill and Dam at Mother Brook, Dedham, MA.

The Fourth Privilege is the fourth mill and damn built on Mother Brook. It’s fed by the Charles River. The Mill is now condominiums. You can’t see the damn from this angle but it’s on the left.

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Digging for Dinner – Clamming in Chatham Harbor, MA.

When I was a teen, I attended a summer photography class run by the city of Boston with my brother and friends. I believe we were given Polaroid cameras and black and white instant film and told to go out and take pictures of whatever we wanted.

I still occasionally shoot black and white as well as color film, but less and less each year. It’s still fun but the processing costs along with the wait is getting to be too much. Maybe this will be my last year shooting film.

That said, look at this image from a little Canon S100 digital shot in black and white mode. (click on the image for a more detail view)

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