March Winds

March Winds bring April Showers and this year, in Boston, it’s no different.

It’s easy to take the power of nature for granted. Today’s society has given many of us, a false sense of security from the elements. This winter has been mild in comparison to the past few, so as unpredictable as always.

Occasionally when I stand in the midst of a blowing wind or near a roaring ocean, I’ve  actually got a rush of fear, exhilarating but nonetheless fear.

Don’t mess with Mother Nature… lb

Note: For best listening, I suggest using headphones. 

Mr. Mantis came by to say Hi…

Hey All

The other day, just after I woke up, Mr Mantis came by. I’m not sure how many times I’ve seen a Praying Mantis, up close, in my life but it’s not too many. I’m also not sure if this is really a Mr Mantis or Ms. Mantis either ;-). I’m afraid these images aren’t my best but… These Mantis’ are strangely intriguing.

From what I’ve learned; of the three Mantis’ that reside in the United States only one is native, the Carolina Mantis. The other two were introduced from Europe and China, in the last century.

Click on the images  to take a closer look.

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Christian A Herter Intercommunity Garden along the Charles River in Allston-Brighton, MA

Hi All

Hope you’re well!

Here are some pics of an organic community garden on the Charles River that’s been operating since 1976.

I hope you find them and it interesting.

take care



Welcome to the Christian A Herter Intercommunity Garden!

We are an organic community garden located along the Charles River in Allston-Brighton, MA. We’ve served as a communal gardening space since 1976. Today, a diverse group of individuals and families maintain almost 70 plots where they grow flowers and fresh produce to enjoy at home.

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