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Rollerskaters, Copley Square, Boston MA, mid 80s


It’s like riding a bicycle…

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Underneath the Rainbow

I haven’t seen a rainbow forever but a couple of days ago I just happened to be sitting at my desk, the sun was setting and it was raining at the same time.… Continue reading

Back to the Beach

    All rights reserved © 2018 Leo F. Brady

Is that a teepee (tipi) I see in your front yard?

Hi All I hope you’re all well! I was walking around my Boston neighborhood recently and look what I found. Impressive.     Here is more info about teepees:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tipi All rights reserved ©… Continue reading

Spring has sprung!

I hope you’re all well! Wasn’t I just wishing for Summer. Well we’ve got it, 87 degrees F here today.   All rights reserved © 2018 Leo F. Brady