O’Donoghue’s Pub, Dublin, Ireland

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If you’re ever in Dublin and if this virus lockdown ever ends, take a visit to O’Donghues Pub for some excellent fare and traditional Irish music.

I hope you’re all doing well ! Chin Up!

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from their website

O’Donoghues Bar is located in the heart of Dublin City with Grafton Street right on its door’s and the major tourist attractions such as Trinity College, Dublin Castle and the National Museum all within 2 minutes’ walk. It is also a very historic area of the city as right in front on Suffolk Street is where the Viking Parliament was located or Thing, Things – from the Old Norse word þing, meaning assembly – were an early system of justice and administration.

When the Vikings and early Norse settlers arrived in a new place, they brought with them their customs and legal systems. Things were where political decisions were made, laws upheld and disputes settled. They acted as meeting places and were often the focus for trade and religious activity. So right in front of this pub would have been a thriving area with Vikings going about their business, and although nowadays the Vikings have long gone, we at O’Donoghues welcome you to our meeting place where you will find locals and tourists alike, mingling, chatting, telling stories and listening to good live music.

It is also good to note that just around the corner located in what are now the gardens of Dublin Castle is where the actual name Dublin derived from, Dubh Linn or Black Pool, “Dubh” means black in Irish, and this Black Pool is where the Vikings used to moor their ships coming in from the River Liffey, close to their settlement in Wood Quay and Ath Cliath.

In later days or years, The Thing Mote was then dismantled and was layered out to what is now our present-day Nassau St and that is why Nassau St is so high above ground to Trinity College, the Liffey is also very different from what it used to be, it was four times wider and extended well out into what is the current Dame Street and Trinity College and out towards O’Connell Street.

So as you sit down to have a pint or enjoy one of our famous dishes, take a moment to remember that you are in what was the heart of Viking Dublin and where our city was founded.

more http://odonoghuesbar.ie/