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Montreal, Quebec CA. | Your beauty speaks for itself | redux

Hi All This is a republish of a post from a few years back but you might enjoy it. Montreal is a wonderful place to visit. I prefer the spring or summer but… Continue reading

just waiting for a friend

I was searching through some of my old work and found an image taken with a Nikon D100¬†a 6mp gem introduced around 2002. We’ve come along way camera-wise since then but still not… Continue reading

Artifacts from the Archives | Edward Gorey Museum | Yarmouthport, MA

Our 2016 Exhibit Author and artist EDWARD ST. JOHN GOREY (1925-2000) was a child prodigy, drawing pictures at the age of two, and teaching himself to read by the age of three. Excelling… Continue reading

The search for real black | Kodak TMax 100 vs. Ilford Pan FPlus 50 | L Brady

I was trying to think of something more to say on this but I’ve got nothing! I want real black not muddy brown. Obviously I’m interested in B/W film. Sometimes I think I… Continue reading

Centennial Dam and Stone Mill | Dedham MA. | L Brady

It’s been a while since I went out on a snowy, rainy day to shoot these. Spring has begun. The original¬† idea was to demonstrate exposure bracketing but as always, I learn much… Continue reading