Nor’easter | Here comes the calvary…. YAYYYYYY | Day 3

As day 3 arrives, no sign of the snow plow. There’s 4 feet of snow still in the street. It’s a Sunday. I’m sure the phone lines to City Hall were burning up. We’re a mobile bunch here and we’ve been snowbound since Friday noon. It’s funny to see how some people react in atypical situations. God help the snow plow driver when he shows up. lol

The good news is the sun is out. My neighbors and I have shoveled  the sidewalks and around our houses.

Finally, around noon the big yellow lumbering snow plow honors us with it’s appearance. YAY ! Because the city has waited to plow, it may have been better to have a front end loader and dump truck to take some of the snow away. A snow plow essentially just pushes and compacts the snow as it goes. You can imagine where that pushed snow ends up – in the places people have already shoveled.

As you can see from the pictures, people are standing in front of their houses with great expectation. A tremendous psychic pressure is on that driver, you can be sure. The plow inches it’s way up the street filling in all the shoveled places. Some sigh, some yell and some even do a war dance. ;-)

Finally our street is cleared, at least as clear as it’s going to be and time enough to get a little more shoveling in before sunset. 

Wish you were here! ;-) lb

click on the images for a more detailed view


12:47:12 Canon 5D MkII 105mm f8 1/400s cropped from below


12:47:12 Canon 5D MkII 105mm f8 1/400s


12:55:00 Fuji XPro-1 18mm f11 1/350s


12:56:00 Fuji XPro-1 18mm f11 1/420s


13:01:34 Canon 5D MkII 93mm f10 1/500s


13:12:37 Canon 5D MkII 105mm f7.1 1/400s