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Chorus from Leo Brady

Chorus explores the reasons why people give so much of themselves in support of local arts, in this case, a choral group, the Dedham Choral Society. Their story is told through interviews and concert footage. lb

Bee Queen


Bee Queen, a film by Leo Brady (2010)

An 8 minute Experimentary (Experimental Documentary) about the plight of our bees.

The story is part tribute to Guy Maddin, part fable and part experimental. At this time, the plight of the bee population is desperate. However, no one seems to know the answer.

This film is a black and white, 16:9, short or the beginnings of a longer film, inside scenes filmed with super16mm film, outside in 24p video. Running time will be around 8 minutes. It combines Super 16mm b/w film, 24p video and digital images. I shot it using an Eclair ACL2 S16, a Panasonic DVX and a Nikon digital camera.

Bee Queen
Keeper of the Bees
Mons Anto – L.F. Brady

Archive footage and clips
Beehive clips – Kendra Marshall
Claire Kremen clip – The Commonwealth Club of California &
Heart of the World clip – Director: Guy Maddin
Nature clips – PBS
Network clips – Director: Sidney Lumet Writer: Paddy Chayefsky – MGM
Nikita Khrushchev photo – photo by LIFE
Tallgrass Gothic – photo by unknown, written by Melanie Marnich

Flight of the Bumble Bee – John Kaboff And Alfred Clark
Secret Journey – The Police


Transitions from Leo Brady

This is an experimental documentary. It deals with war and its impact on those left behind. I attempted to use sound and image only to evoke thinking and feeling. It combines 16mm color film, 24p video and digital images. I shot it using an Arri S, a Panasonic DVX and a Nikon digital camera. lb



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