He’s ok, we just can’t find him… | Missing 411 | David Paulides | redux

Commentary: For quite some time now, strange disappearances have been occurring within the National Parks of these United States and throughout the world. People, including small children, are becoming lost or are being abducted, some returned alive, some dead and many never returned. Where do these missing go?

Whatever the final outcome of these investigations be, it’s clear that the National Park System needs to create and maintain a centralized registry or database of persons who have gone missing in our national parks and forests or on Bureau of Land Management lands.

To find out more about the issue.
To listen to the author regarding this issue.

4 thoughts on “He’s ok, we just can’t find him… | Missing 411 | David Paulides | redux

  1. Forests are mysterious things. You can get lost in some places, even in a close proximity of the roads. You just go round and round, in the best scenario. I have been in such place myself, not too far from a quiet road, in a familiar gridded (!) forest . Deep in thoughts I ignored the warning signs. When I realised what had happened, I just sat there waiting for a sound of a car, which came after about two hours. Then I carefully made my exit. Panic doesn’t help :) I went to the forest again, many times, but never to that particular area, of course. These places are like wells. You don’t see the walls, but you can feel them, feel the danger, at least for a second if you are perceptive. The searchers have problems finding the lost because the wall deceives them too. In a gridded forest these ‘wells’ are smaller, but who knows how big they can be in a real forest.


  2. When we stop to think, we really know so little about our planet, our existence for that matter. There are anomalies around us that we aren’t even aware of unless, as you say, one has a keen sense. David Paulides also details disappearances in boulder fields and around large bodies of water.
    – Where the veil between the worlds in thinest? As you say, one needs to stay aware wherever one is !


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