Nauset Beach | Orleans, Massachusetts | Droid 3

Nauset Beach | Orleans, Massachusetts
Motorola Droid 3 unmodified

Like many, I love the beach. I’m drawn to it and many of my photos contain it’s beauty. What caught my eye here was the pattern of the fence and shadow with the colors of the sand. the natural aspect with the man-made.

I use a variety of film and digital cameras and devices for my film work. In this instance, all I had with me was a Droid 3 phone: 8 megapixels, LED flash, autofocus camera. I love my tech, low and high and am quite impressed by these little devices. Obviously most of them don’t provide the highest quality when enlarged but not too bad at this size.  I’m finding it more important these days to carry a simple setup that produces quality results and just get the photo. This setup isn’t it but it wasn’t too bad in a pinch.

I have been trying a number of setups and will detail some in future posts. leo brady

Here’s a couple of more from the set:




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